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In 1573, before the Italy Renaissance has not been blown over by famous architect, landscape master Vigny ora, in the picturesque town of Banieya incomparable baroque style manor old family designed for indulging in aesthetics, this lasted for twenty years and eventually built the perfect art model named Lante, the the host is Gulante thousand years after the family.
Gulante manor represents the most extreme Baroque retro luxury, just as the Grant family in art appreciation and taste no one can enjoy the noble spirit, is the future of all retro luxury design ancestor.
Gulante, as one of Italy's most ancient aristocratic name, its meaning is rich in the spirit of the Millennium ancient genes, in artistic expression, Gulante is the predecessor of the Baroque, is synonymous with luxury and noble retro noble spirit.
Today, Gulante growth in the bathroom become noble noble soil art star, and the oldest retro technology precipitated in the bathroom space imagination, with the original design form with every respect to the Renaissance spirit of living, people seem to forget in time through the millennium, retro landscape. The gems of life that represent the life of the product are instantly eclipsed by many modernist works, and the legend of the Gulante product is told to every user about the millennia old legend, which dates back to 1573. 

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The B District of Guangdong city in Heshan
Province town Dongxi Development Zone No. 64
Marketing Center:
Foshan Jihua four road, Guangdong,
Italy, the United States home ceramics World
No. 24, No. 45-46
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