• How to choose the surface of the faucet (Kaiping faucet manufacturer)
  • The common surface treatment processes of faucets are chrome plated, PVD, baking varnish, wire drawing, ORB and so on. They have their own characteristics, which can bring differen......
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  • How to prevent excessive lead in taps?
  • 1. Regular replacement: Now most tap water uses chlorine as disinfectant. Residual chloride compounds in water will aggravate the precipitation of lead in taps. Therefore, it is su......
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  • What is the replacement method and process of cold and hot water faucet spool?
  • Now most families use more advanced faucets, which can adjust the proportion of hot and cold water. If the tap is used for a long time, there will be leakage. This is usually becau......
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  • How to deal with the surface of faucet
  • 1. Chromium plating: Chromium plating on faucets is the most common treatment method. The first layer is copper plating, the second layer is nickel plating, and the third layer is ......
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  • What role does the foamer play in the tap
  • 1. Water saving: The foamer can make the water and air flowing through mix sufficiently to form the foaming effect and improve the scouring force, thereby reducing the water consum......
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  • Why does the tap make a harsh noise?
  • The possible reasons for the harsh sound produced by the tap are: generally, the tap is not flowing smoothly and produces shock wave. The frequency of shock wave is the same as the......
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